LSC 88059 : 3RG Stop Crystal Additive for AdBlue Tank 250ml – NEW


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Stop Crystal Additive for AdBlue Tank 250ml
Solution to Prevent the Crystalization of Urea
Dosage: 25ml to 10L
Brand New by 3RG Protects the SCR urea solution – DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) injection system as well as
catalytic converters from agglomeration, internal crystallization and contamination. This additive is formulated to improve and optimize the performance of the AdBlue system
as well as to avoid all the problems that appear in the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system and especially in its injectors. Benefits
– Prevents the formation of crystals and clogging of the SCR system
– Radically improves the properties of AdBlue
– Prevents AdBlue injector clogging
– Reduces NOV (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions
– Prevents exhaust corrosion
– Improves SCR catalyst performance
– Increases the useful life of the AdBlue fluid
– Compatible with all types of AdBlue fluids and all types of vehicles with AdBlue systems

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