LSC 1928G : Original GTX Classic Liquid Engineering – 10w/40 Mineral Oil x4 – 5 Litre – NEW


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Castrol GTX Classic 10w/40

Brand New * Original (OE) *

Castrol GTX Classic 10w/40 is a premium mineral engine oil for vehicles from 1978 to 1993.
It contains anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives to provide high levels of protection necessary for older technology vehicles,
and is produced to the original formulation as specified in many motor manufacturers’ vehicle handbooks.
*Mineral 10w/40, suitable for vehicles 1978 to 1993 where a 10w/40 oil is specified*
*Period correct balanced additives for superior wear and corrosion protection, including ZDDP*
*Suitable for vehicles either with or without a catalytic converter*
*Can be used for naturally aspirated, as well as turbo-charged vehicles*
Original handbook recommendation for many vehicles

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