LSC 1925G : 1 Gallon of Original Classic XL 20w 50 Motor Oil in Metal Can – NEW


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Castrol Classic XL 20w/50 Motor Oil
(1 Gallon / 4.54 litres)
Brand New * Original Castrol Oil in Metal Can * * We are an approved Castrol Oil Distributor *

For pre-1980 modern classic cars
Castrol Classic XL 20W-50 offers excellent oil consumption and a high level of engine wear protection.
Castrol Classic XL 20W-50 is a conventional multigrade engine oil of good all round performance.
Formulated with high quality mineral oils plus selected additives.
Ideally suited to older technology; Classic Car and Classic Motorcycle engines.
* Good all round performance
* Suited to classic car engines
* All year use in most 4-stroke motorcycle engines
* Low Detergent

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