LSC 1772 : Original Pair of Castrol Classic Etha-Guard Plus Ethanol Petrol Additives – NEW


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Pair of Classic Etha-Guard Plus Ethanol Petrol Additives

Brand New * Original Castrol (OE) *

250mL Treats 250L Ethanol Stabliser – Use with Petrol E5 or E10 Blends
Petrol-Benzin-Essence Enables Ethanol Fuel in Vehicles with Catalytic Converters, While Preventing Acidity
in Ethanol Fuel & Corrosion in Fuel Systems 2-in-1 Formula
“Compatible with catalytic converters, so can be used by owners of younger and modern classics who do not require valve seat protection” Optimise Plus Friction Modifier
enhanced performance and economy
“Increases acceleration by up to 3%
Increases economy by up to 2%”

This is suitable for the following vehicles:-
that need to run on Leaded Fuel

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