LSC 1770 : Original Classic Valvemaster Plus Lead Replacement Petrol Additive x4 – NEW


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Classic Valvemaster Lead Replacement Petrol Additives x4

Brand New * Original Castrol (OE) *

250mL Treats 250L Ethanol Stabliser – Use with Petrol E5 or E10 Blends
Enables Ethanol Fuel in Pre-1996 Vehicles, While Preventing Acidity
in Ethanol Fuel & Corrosion in Fuel Systems 3-in-1 Formula
“Ultimate protection against valve seat recession, unique phosophorus formula” Optimise Plus Friction Modifier
enhanced performance and economy
“Increase acceleration by up to 3%
Increase economy by up to 2%”

This is suitable for the following vehicles:-
that need to run on leaded petrol

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